Ritner Kennel
80 Wildwood Rd, Newville PA 17241
Phone: 717-776-5110
Email: eichenluft@aol.com

Boarding Features


We strive to provide the most comfortable and safest environment for our guests, some of the features include:

  • Our runs are indoor/outdoor with roof over outside run for shelter from sun and rain.  Dogs have access to the outside from 8 am to 9 pm.
  • Our Kennel  building is cooled by fans and open doors in summer,  and heated in winter (forced  air, oil furnace in separate building).  Small dogs have their own radiant  heaters placed by their kennels.
  • Classical music is played in the kennel 24/7.
  • Large grassy Outside yards for exercise and play – 100′ X 100′ and 70′ X  30′.  Dogs are let outside in single or friendly similar-sized pairs.
  • Kennel situated in the center of a small farm in farming community.   Dogs enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the farm and can watch the  free-range chickens, sheep and horses.
  • Sturdy toys and nylabone chews are provided in every kennel.
  • Cats are boarded in a cat room in the office building.  Windows,  climbing trees, toys and clean litter boxes are provided.



Ritner Kennels provides the safest and best environment for my dogs when I need to travel without them!

Fred Forrest
Working Dogs Cyberzine


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