Ritner Kennel
80 Wildwood Rd, Newville PA 17241
Phone: 717-776-5110
Email: eichenluft@aol.com


We love them when you leave them!

      3581 Ritner Highway, Newville PA 17241


Ritner Kennel is a small owner-run kennel located on a small farm with lots of animals.  Your animals in our care are loved and cared for as if they are our own.   Each dog is housed in a spacious, airy, comfortable and safe kennel where they can wait happily for their owners to return.

We are a military family and support the military families in the community  by offering military discounts for short and long-term stays.

We also offer discounts for multiple pets;  weekly and monthly rates for longer stays.

We offer the lowest rates in Cumberland County.  Many of our clients travel hours from MD, VA and beyond to leave their pets with us.

Ritner Kennels’ farm setting provides stimulation and interesting sights, sounds and smells for the pets staying here.  The kennel is situated in the middle of the farm, with horses, sheep, chickens and ducks roaming around in the pasture nearby. 

Ritner Kennel has two grassy exercise yards for safe fun play and exercise sessions.  Dogs have plenty of time to play, run and do their business in the yards during their two-to-three times per day outside times.

Each kennel has indoor and outdoor areas, privacy panels, with water, kennels and blankets cleaned/changed daily.

Additional services are provided free of charge, including individual leash-walks and medications for elderly and handicapped pets, special diet needs – owners bringing their pets’ own bedding, toys and food is welcomed and encouraged.

Additional services offered are in-kennel training, bath and nails, longer leash-walks, and swimming in-season for fun, exercise and rehabilitation.  In-house boarding is available for qualified dogs and cats.



Ritner Kennels provides the safest and best environment for my dogs when I need to travel without them!

Fred Forrest
Working Dogs Cyberzine


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